Andrea and Tobias Krebs
Schlehenweg 3
D-61276 Weilrod

+49 (0) 6109 - 50 35 838
+49 (0) 151 - 22 3 22 777






Date of birth May 2nd, 2008
Place of birth Békéscsaba, Hungary
Home Maintal (near Frankfurt)
Zodiac sign Taurus, stubborn like my mistress
Height 67 cm
Weight 40 kg
Eye color dark brown
Hair color white
Favorite animal Cats and squirrel
Favorite game see favorite animals :-) and ball
Favorite drink Rainwater, puddle
Favorite food Hungarian cabbage rolls
Favorite sport Jogging, swimming, hunting
Favorite place Garden swing, sunchair
Special characteristic Rottweiler bite from puppyhood above the left eye
Favorite breed French Bulldogs, Pugs
Favorite excercise Foodsearch, retrieve Ball
Favorite time of year Winter with snow and ice


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