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We live in Maintal, around five minutes away from the Main-Metropolis Frankfurt am Main. Here we have a lot of space and peace and quiet with our two kids, with our 92 year old grandpa who is fit as a fiddle and is a bee master, with our Kuvasz Duna, who made us create the site and changed our lives.



Thanks to my self-employed work as translator for Hungarian we hardly have any limits to spend time on our hobby. Duna is an inherent part of our life according to the motto „Nothing is impossible“ she accompanies us on our journey.

As kid Tobias grew up with two poodles of his grandmother in „Kennel Street“ J and when I was young we had a Kuvasz male for 12 years. Our dreams as kids came true when Duna joined our family.



Amused I recently found an old tape which proves that my excitement for this breed started very early and the word „Kuvasz“ was one of my first vocabularies.


(My mother: „Tell me, what kind of dog is this?“,Me: „Kuvasz“, my mother: „Louder“, Me: „Kuvasz, Kuvasz, Kuvasz, Kuvasz, Kuvasz, Kuvasz, Kuvasz, Kuvasz, Kuvasz!“)


Our website is a mingle-mangle about Kuvasz and a declaration of love to the breed. With the published pictures and reports we would like to help fight the prejudices against the breed and show our way how you can keep a Kuvasz busy in a reasonable way and how you can integrate a Kuvasz into the family.
From the beginning on we wondered which differences exist in Hungary and Germany in respect to dog keeping and popularity of the Kuvasz. With our multilingual website we want to show Kuvasz enthusiasts from both countries which motives and background developped. We are happy that we were able to gain insight in both worlds and try to integrate the positive of both into our own individual Kuvasz world.
As name for our kennel we chose Majna-menti Mákvirág, which means on the one side corn poppy and on the other also rogue of Main.



Corn poppy stands for the flame red flower, which symbolizes next to other stereotypes Hungary to me. In the Hungarian language it also has a second meaning: rogue, scallywag, rascal. A name you would give your dog after finding a new hole in your garden and poppy, because poppy is just as addictive as our Kuvasz.
A lot of myths and saga entwine around the origin and its intoxicating effect. Supposedly the God of sleep gave the goddess Demeter seeds of poppy against her grief, which she then lost in her deep sleep. Poppy stands as symbol for quickly forgotten sorrow according to its origin in a Greek saga, whereupon the poppy plant grew out of Aphrodite’s tears, which she cried following the death of her beloved Adonis. Her love to this plant let her forget her sorrow and pain. The enormous amount of seeds – up to 30,000 in one capsule – caused it to be a sign of fertility and richness.



We do not want to forget all the people, who helped us, paved our way and ecouraged us (in chronological order).



Our breeders Kovács Imre and Ildikó for the most beautiful Kuvasz on earth! Thank you for always having your feet firmly on the ground and letting us participate, you have always been there for us if we simply wanted to talk about Kuvasz or even if we had any issues.  Without the great socialization you took care of, we never would have managed so easily to make Duna such a good companion. Thanks to you we also made valuable acquaintances.
We wish you all the best for your breeding!

My parents for your patience and supporting us in our dog-mania and Duna is always welcome as third dog every time we visit you. I often remember the saying of my father: „Either the Kuvasz goes insane or his owner“, well, time has proven it, luckily we have lost our sanity and not our dog. :-)
Our kids, who really joined all the dog programs we did and even had a lot of fun.
Although we haven’t met a thanks to „Eromi“, who runs the Kuvasz-Forum, the biggest public treasure chest about Kuvasz on the net. Because of all the content in the forum we read in one night, we decided to go for the breed and we think, we are not the only ones. The articles and numerous pictures of the members are an open book for all the people interested in Kuvasz.
Sybille and Ursula Buhl, mother and daughter, who were our first place to go here in the village in regards to Kuvasz. They immediately invited us over and took us for a walk so we could see how a Kuvasz behaves in the house and outside. They are always happy about a spontaneous dog walk and encouraged us in our difficult bureaucratic times to get the permission to breed.
Géczi Imre, who used to be back then the head of MEOE HKK and also worked in Germany as FCI-judge. He helped us to choose a puppy, right away recommended a breeder in our city (Békéscsaba) and gave us a warm welcome in his breeding station Hun Zazholm.  We discussed our long list of questions regarding the keeping of a Kuvasz in Germany.
Dr. Buzády Tibor, who told me everything about Kuvasz and kids on the phone and also about the keeping of a Kuvasz in a Western European country. When I was 21 years old his son Balázs, who used to study with me, gave me the book of his father as present. Back then I didn’t know we would meet again. Thank you for the permission to quote your books on my website and thank you for finding so many true words in them.

Hildegard Meyer of the breeding station „vom Drachenfels“, who I got to know because of Dunas father. She gave us references on our breeder and made our choice easier.

Coby van Kessel of the breeding station „Fehér Csavargók“, who I also met thanks to our breeder. She shared all her knowledge and showed us the way through the labyrinth of shows. Thank you for the longest letters and the longest calls about Kuvasz.

Angelika Lanzerath of the breeding station „von Anka“ and of the „Hunde-Farm Eifel“, who has supported us in breeding. Thank you for all the great advice and the best trainings books we ever got to know.

Juhász Péter of the breeding station „Edelénykerti“, who was told us much about his lines and gave us great advise for the shows in Hungary.

Ellen and Peter van der Meijden of the breeding station „Barátságos Bolyhos“, who were funny company in 2009 in Rátót and who we always see again in a different part of the world. Thank you for the encouragement.

Sandra and René Jung of the breeding station „Észbontó“, with whom we also had a great time in Rátót and Denmark and on various other shows. Your love of life and your love for Kuvasz inspire others.


Thank you to Kiss Krisztina for the beautiful pictures of Duna.


This website, of which I dreamed for a long time, would have never been possible if it wasn’t for Michèle Spatschke. As if by magic I found her on the Internet and her warm and soulful pictures impressed me right away. Thank you for the long nights we worked through and your initiative.

Wendy Maschke hurried to help us again, just like back then when she did the proofreading and parts of translation of the English version of the website Kuvaszok and large predators. Thanks to her efficient and quick English translation and proofreading the website was right away published in three languages and we had no delay.

… and there were so many others we think of in gratitude and admiration, who are there for the breed and present Kuvasz in a dignified way. May there be more of them!


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