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As state certified translator for Hungarian I was available to mediate between German and Hungarian breeders in various instances. Helping with the language I attended a few copulations and enabled direct conversations locally. Thanks to my translations on the Hungarian club show the visitors and speakers from the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and France were able to follow the event and presentations and could take part in the discussions in their own language. I was able to extend my Kuvasz-vocabulary and gained some very nice friendships.
On this page I want to publish the texts which are now available in both languages because of my work.


INFORMATION: To view a few of the following files (PDF documents) you will need the Adobe Reader, which you can download here:






The website of the breeding station Viharsarki Betyárűző of the breeders Kovács Imre and Kovácsné Pásztor Ildikó from my hometown.


The website of nature preservation project „Kuvaszok and large predators “ of Puskás Ferenc.
The contents of the website have been published in the editions 02 and 03/2009 of the KVD-club magazine „Unser Kuvasz“ (Our Kuvasz).

At this point I want to reference the film of Bölöndi Botond about the first two years of the program, which lets us dip into a total different world:


Parts of the website like navigation menu, health certificates and point 9 „MEOE HKK“.

Kuvasz database of the „Hungária Kuvasz Klubs“






Symposium of the MEOE Hungária Kuvasz Klubs, Rátót, October 2010
Subject: „Kuvasz im XXI. Jahrhundert, Zuchtziele“ (Kuvasz in the 21st century, breeding goals)


Hildegard Meyer from Germany, KfuH, breeding station Drachenfels


Report from Hildegard Meyer about the symposium


Dick Koster, KVN Holland


Sergej Ivanov, Kuvasz Club Russia, Moscow


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